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The Dolphins move on from Chad Johnson

When Joe Philbin said he was implementing a zero tolerance policy he meant it. Per Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero Joe Philbin made the decision to let go Chad Johnson and the ownership was behind him 100 %.

Although Chad does not have a long history of criminal offense and he generally only causes headaches with his mouth at press conferences, after everything the Dolphins went through with Brandon Marshall they were left with no choice but to move on from the diva receiver.

Joe Philbin passes his first test under pressure in Miami as he absolutely made the right decision to move on from Chad Johnson. This team cannot afford off the field distractions and Johnson’s
arrest goes against the family and strong culture Joe is trying to build in Miami. This move tells you everything you need to know about Joe, that he is a man of character.

Johnson released won’t cost the Dolphins much money as his contract was based on if he made the week 1 roster. This is not the Marshall trade where it cost them 2 draft picks, this was a zero risk signing. Chad’s career as a Dolphin will be remembered as one dropped preseason catch and what could have been.

The Dolphins now might look to signing another vet receiver as a roster spot how now freed up however look for Roberto Wallace to receive a big jump in reps and an opportunity to become one of the leading options for this receiving core.

Wallace won’t be given an opportunity like this many times in his career and he must continue his strong play so far and continue to impress.

For Chad this might be the end of the road as it would be hard to believe that anyone at this point would be ready to take the plunge and offer him a contract.

Hard Knocks might not be as appealing for the national media but at least it there will be less headaches in Davie and more focus on football and only football. Hard Knocks is must watch tv for all Dolphins fans this week.