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Miami Dolphins need a healthy Cam Wake back

The Beast. Cam Wake. #91. The star from the CFL.

Whatever you would like to call Cam Wake there is no question the Dolphins need him back and need him back badly.  Since joining the Dolphins Wake has been to two pro bowls and was named to the first all pro team after being considered by many in the league as one of the best pass rushers the NFL has to offer. 

Wake finished last year with a 54.3 rating by PFF last year highlighted by a 38.7 pass rush rating. Wake wasted no time starting where he finished last season. Wake graded an 8.2 in Week 1 in part due to his 2.5 sacks and he abused the Browns O-line all day long.

Since week 1, the Cam Wake we know and love has disappeared. After a frustrating week 2 and 3 Wake injured his knee and as we all know missed Monday night's game.

Wake attended practice today and although limited is currently on track to getting back into the lineup this Sunday. The Dolphins graded -4.7 Monday night without Wake after the Dolphins graded positively in each of their first 3 games.

The recipe for success in the NFL is be able to pass the football and be able to rush the passer. Wake is as good as anyone in this league at getting to the QB and the Dolphins need him if they have any intentions of making a playoff run.

Hopefully BEASTMODE will return to the Dolphins this Sunday in a huge game against the Ravens.