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The Dolphins need to find consistency in the running game



While some Dolphins fans are trying to figure out playoff situations, I think instead of waiting for a Christmas or Hanukah miracle we should be spending our focus elsewhere. The Dolphins offense has been inconsistent and anemic at times this season; while we have seen promise at times we have seen disaster at others.

Some would argue it’s because of the lack of playmakers, other would say it’s because we have a rookie QB leading the team and then there is a group who would blame the play calling. To be honest all 3 factors are why the Dolphins offense has struggled however an aspect of the offense that hasn’t received much blame is the running game. Reggie Bush has been explosive at times but also very underwhelming at other times. Daniel Thomas has continued to show that the Dolphins made a mistake trading up for him. While Thomas has ran well at times he certainly cannot be trusted as a feature back. Lamar Miller has shown flashes at times however we still don’t know if he would be able to carry a load or even function in a 2 back rotation.

With Reggie Bush an impending free agent and perhaps not likely to return these final two games it is essential to find out what this team has in Lamar Miller. Miller needs to be given an opportunity to find out his place in this organization.

A position which once seemed like it had the most depth on the team has suddenly become very thing. At this time I don’t think you can be confident in a Miller + Thomas back field. Things can change and Miller could make the most of his opportunity if given one.

That being said as much as WR is a need for this team don’t count out adding a running back next year. Whether it is the draft or free agent the Dolphins need to find consistency in the running game to help Ryan Tannehill. Dolphins currently rank 16th in rushing offense, however 20th in yards per attempt.

Tannehill has played best rolled out or with the play action; the Phins have to be able to establish the run next year to get this offense running more smoothly.

We will see what happens next year but don’t rule out running back as another position of need.