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The Future Is Now ! Dolphins name Tannehill The Starting QB

The future is now in Miami! August 20th at 3:01 pm the Miami Dolphins quarterback competition came to an end as the Dolphins announced that Ryan Tannehill will be named the starting QB going into the season.

As PBP’s Ben Volin noted, number 17 Tannehill will be the 17th starting QB for the Dolphins since Dan Marino.

The rookie was able to impress in camp having solid practices and strong outing in his first preseason game followed up with an alright performance in Carolina. Moore didn’t really take advantage of the situation as despite being the team’s MVP last season clearly lacks the upside and talent of Tannehill.

When David Garrard went down with his injury, this announcement seemed a bit inventible, and like most predicted the Dolphins chose to go with the kid.

CBS’s Pete Prisco has said over and over “Play the kid “, Prisco also said on his twitter account, “If a young first-round QB can’t start because a team is worried about psyche, they drafted the wrong guy. “

Tannehill isn’t in the ideal situation due to his lack of weapons and now questions surrounding the offensive line. With that being said, Tannehill has looked like the quarterback that gives Miami the best chance at winning this season.

Tannehill had a head start from most rookies out of the gates as he had a good grasp of the playbook having already worked with the offense and Mike Sherman in college.

While it is exciting that Tannehill is being given the keys, my biggest concern with this decision is not based on Tannehill’s skills or comprehension of the offense but rather the tools and weapons he has around him.

Time will tell on how the Ryan Tannehill era goes but let’s hope for the best! Phins up!