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The Indecision of Sparano and Ireland

The Ball is in the air, dropped by Marshall.  Seam route to Hartline off the finger tips.  Deep to Marshall! Oh he should have had that one.  Maybe it was the sun in his eyes.


The Miami Dolphins are 0-6 and no one has to remind them of it. The players know and they work so hard in practice. It just doesn’t translate to the games.  Dropped passes.  Constant miscommunication on the Offensive Line, wasted Timeouts in the first and third quarter.  Long Drives into the Deadzone.  FG fistpumps.  It’s a constant reminder of what a difference the right decisions at draft time would have brought this team.


So, going into the draft I thought the Dolphins would get a QB in round 2.  Afterall, they had just made the trade.  Daniel Thomas was called by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.  I scoffed at that notion. 


They picked the Center in Mike Pouncey in round #1 and then as I was eating a meal at a local Wingstop I saw the Dolphins take the bait and move up into the 2nd round. Daniel Thomas! 


What? Why?  Who?  I was going berzerk.  Ireland bluffed and pulled a Randy Mueller on all of us by taking a big strong fast guy.  Mueller took Ginn in the first round much to everyone’s dismay.  Dolfans were livid! 


I saw Daniel Thomas get run over by a black shirt D of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. A Defense without Suh.  He rushed 22 for 63 yards with his longest rush being 13 yards.  How and why Ireland would choose Thomas must be his bowl game stats v. Syracuse 22 for 90 and 3 TDs.  Syracuse!!!!


So, the Dolphins made a decision. Put trust in Henne. See what he can do and with the lockout a new QB Would not grasp a new offense.


Tell that to Minnesota, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati. They all have Rookie QBs starting. Post lockout, those guys had as much practice with their teams, those guys were unproven at the NFL level.  The speed of the game would affect them.  So far Andy Dalton has been the most successful with good weapons in AJ Green and a good running game. 

Didn’t Peter King say Andy Dalton would land with the Dolphins?  Look it up.


So, what would Ryan Mallet look like as a Dolphin… We’ll never know.  We would not be 0-6.  Would Marshall, Bess, Hartline, Bush, etc catch all his passes?


Do Sparano and Ireland wish they took a QB? Yes of course they do. 

As loyal Dolfans we should be thanking our “Luck”y stars for this much maligned and beat up talentless team.

-Michael Serrania

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