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The Miami Dolphins Draft Possibilities Part Two

Folks, we are almost nearing draft eve and a lot of crazy talk is spewing out of the mouths of scouts, GMs, owners, and agents.

So, how does the knowledgeable Dolfan handle this crazy talk about owner Steve Ross pushing for Tannehill per Mike Florio at PFT? 

Just shrugging and working on other important things like a master’s thesis.  No big deal.  This is common strategy from other teams to overvalue their selection in hopes that teams get desperate to pay up to move up.  No reason to speculate who actually said it. 

This much we do know for sure:

On offense, the Dolphins have glaring needs at QB, OL, and WR.  The Miami Dolphins can draft a viable replacement at QB to the two-headed monster that is Moore-Garrard at QB for 2013. 

There is also a thought that the Miami Dolphins will be content with Daniel Thomas and he’ll be a workhorse back.  I buy into some of this idea given that he is a big back that can move a pile. However, this is 2012 and the Dolphins are through with the Wild Cat and anything resembling it. I see fast, quick, and lateral as the key to using the run game with Joe Philbin.  Think change of pace. I only say this because with Philbin using the running back in Green Bay, it was not the biggest feature in games.  It was all Rogers all the time.

 However, I think that a compliment to Reggie Bush is not Thomas.  The Miami Dolphins have changed to a zone-blocking scheme that needs a very athletic and quick offensive line.  Daniel Thomas hesitates when moving toward a hole.  It’s almost comedic that he could not score from the 1 yard line last year.  Smaller, but yet quick Steve Slaton had a goal line TD agains the NY Giants.  I expect more from Slaton on Goal Line calls.

Next, the Miami Dolphins truly might benefit from zone blocking scheme and take an OL in the second round.  However, what are the Dolphins doing in round 1…here is my revised take:

First Round at #8:

Scenario 1: If Tannehill is there, then they could take him.  Since 1983, the Miami Dolphins have not taken a QB round 1.  Tannehill is the perfect player for this offense since Philbin and Sherman appear set on a West Coast offense and I have a sneaking suspicion contrary to what scouts believe, he will play in 2012 and he will sink or swim.  Ireland surely doesn’t have a year to prove his draft skills and hope they pan out in 2013. Another important detail is that Tannehill played in this offense for 19 games and is very familiar with all of Sherman’s play calls.  I can imagine Moore or Garrard getting removed when they don’t know the play and Tannehill does in practice. 

Why not play this season for 12 games?  It is a strong possibility.

Scenario 2: Best available is Mark Barron of Alabama.  Why? Because the Dolphins need an impact guy.  If you want Barron, though, you trade with the Chiefs or anyone before Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  Barron is a versatile and yet very explosive guy that could fill the void left after the release of Yeremiah Bell with a run-stopper.  If you were around when Louis Oliver seemed to find the football often, then this is your pick.  Remember when Oliver had his best game against the Bills and the Dolphins did not have to do much by halftime?  Awesome.

Scenario 3: Should someone such as Matt Kalil become available, then the Dolphins should look in that direction of taking out insurance on Jake Long.  Kalil is a beast and he played in an offense that featured an explosive passing game at USC.  I have always considered Jake Long as a beast, but built more for the run game.  Do not get me wrong, Long can handle his own and he’s a three-time pro-bowler.  However, Long is starting to wear down and get beat in the pass game on bull rushes and double teams.  It does not seem unreasonable for the Dolphins to revamp their o-line. 

Scenario 4: I like Brandon Weeden.  Everything about this guy including his leadership tells me that this guy can start day 1.  Word is getting around that Weeden could play on a team where there is a veteran QB for the next year.  I am not buying that talk one bit.  If the Dolphins like Weeden, it does not seem like they do, but I would not be surprised if they trade back to the upper teens to take him.  The Dolphins could benefit from getting a guy that can play 16 right now.  10 years of this player with his accuracy and arm strength would be an upgrade at QB right now.  I don’t care if he is 29 during training camp.  He’s got a fresh body and has not sustained many hits.  He’d be a hit in Miami with the fans and wow the media.

Scenario 5:

I am fresh out of ideas on this one. However, I still like Quinton Coples of North Carolina.  Some South Florida writers are not sold on Coples.  He switched positions for crying out loud and although that motor seems to need gas at the end of a game, he played decent with 7.5 sacks at a new position for him.  Jeff Ireland has a chance to right a wrong in taking Phillip Merling at the beginning of round 2 in 2008.  Coples for me would be an upgrade over Koa Misi who was a disaster in his position switch to LB from DE in college.  If Coples gets picked, I’d trade back just a bit just in case Richardson, Kalil or Gilmore are available and teams coveting them get desperate.

Scenario 6:  This is more of an acknowledgement to Armando Salguero: Today’s blog featured something about DT/DL Fletcher Cox of Mississippi State.  This guy is a stud against the run and can get to the QB.  Armando mentions that the Dolphins really like this guy.  I think it’s a possibility too.  This might be the back up to the back up to the back up in Ireland’s mind.  In addition, I give kudos to Armando for getting a lot of these picks right, not because he knows his stuff, but because he knows people that I don’t. 

I am not a draftnik, but I love the draft.  I am a passionate Dolfan who has his sights set on two intriguing matchups on the west coast, Arizona and SF.  I plan to be at both. 

Here’s to a fantastic draft eve and draft day!

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