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The Miami Dolphins introduce new head coach Joe Philbin

At 4 pm on Saturday the 21st, the Miami Dolphins introduced their new head coach Joe Philbin to the public at a press conference live on MiamiDolphins.com

The press conference started with Stephen Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, who was just as awkward of a public speaker as he is.

Ross stressed how there were 6 different head coaches interviewed, with 5 of them who expressed interest in joining the Miami Dolphins. (A shot at Jeff Fisher)

Stephen Ross specified how Philbin comes from a winning background and how that was very important to him, and stated you can’t help but be impressed with Joe Philbin’s track record. Ross did add that Carl Peterson did sit in on all the interviews. Ross also noted that the Dolphins aren’t allowed to talk about any Packers which includes Matt Flynn. However expect the speculation to continue.

Next Jeff Ireland took the podium, giving a little explanation of how the coaching search was structured. Ireland informed everyone how the Dolphins looked into all different forms of coaches from college coaches to coordinators.

Ireland stated that Philbin has 100% power in choosing his coaching staff.

Philbin then took the podium with a stern and calm domineer, confident and direct. Philbin stated he was honoured to become the next head coach of the Dolphins.

Philbin said the Dolphins are embarking on a journey to get the Dolphins to the top of the national football league. Philbin said the Dolphins must acquire talented players. Philbin said the team will be comprised of players who care more about winning then statistics.

Philbin set a very strong example at the podium how he can become a great leader of men and take control of a locker room.

Joe said I’m 50 years old, I anticipate this being the last head coaching job I ever get.

Philbin said he hasn’t made up his mind on any coordinators yet.

Philbin’s goal is to put his players in the best place to succeed not just brining the Green Bay Packer play book to Miami.

“The play of the Quarterback is very important”.  Philbin echoed as he spoke about the importance of the position but also about how he doesn’t believe any team is one player away. 

Philbin spoke with the Finsiders and stressed, decision making, accuracy and velocity are the top 3 things he looks for in a QB. Mobility/Pocket presences and football IQ are also things he looks for in a QB.

Philbin said he is just getting his feet wet with learning the roster and finding out the team’s different strengths and weaknesses.

Philbin hinted that the offensive coordinator will call the plays for the team however that will be based on who is hired.

The new Dolphins head coach finished the press conference in a very encouraging fashion, leaving a very solid first impression.

Here is the link to enjoy if you want to watch Joe Philbin’s press conference