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The Stop and Go: Monday Morning Greens


The culmination of this past weekend could not have been more welcoming as a Miami Dolphins fan and a physiotherapy student.  Yes, I was awake until 4:30 in the morning mauling over the broken English of my lab report group mates.  The debacle and misery I felt at the wee hours of Monday morning did not even brush the surface of what transpired Sunday afternoon at Sun Life stadium.  This Monday, was not only blue, but made me feel like the vomit-green of the New York Jets jerseys.


Stop:  Conservatism and Carpentry

Conservatism went out of style with Tony Sparano.  Sure his signature field goal fist pump makes him a charismatic head coach, or now offensive coordinator, but the determined and serene demeanor of current skipper Joe Philbin is the latest trend in South Florida.  So when I heard the Dolphins were watching 2011 film of Papa T’s offense the bells started to ring: damn, we’ve got some smart guys running this team!  Clearly the ever-intimidating Mike Sherman watched a little too much of Sparano’s documentary on conservatism and prevented Tannehill from finding any sort of rhythm against the Jets.  It is important to get young quarterbacks in a rhythm early and allow them to garner confidence to make plays later in the game.  Although, the rookie signal caller had what I think was his most impressive game yet.  He drove the team down to tie the game late, and drove them down to win it in overtime.  But low and behold the Carpenter himself could not hammer the nail through the upright.  Dan Carpenter has simply missed too many field goals to be anywhere on my football team.  He is inconsistent and I am no longer surprised by his multi miss games.  Give one of those undrafted kickers a chance, let us all be surprised.  We all know this will not happen as Coach is not a man of rash decision like his superior Mr. Ireland.

Start: Like Andre Like Larry

Arguably the best wide receiver in football today, Larry Fitzgerald, will be Sean Smith’s only responsibility come Sunday.  The thing is, why should it be all for Smith?  Sean Smith was outmatched against Andre Johnson in week 1, and despite his stellar play in weeks 2 and 3, you have to expect that the perennial pro bowler will get the upper hand on our number 1 cornerback.  Coach Coyle, I implore you to play double coverage.  Give Smith help inside or over the top and we will have a shot at this game.  Limiting Larry Fitzgerald will be a priority for this Dolphins’ secondary.  The Cards aren’t the most overpowering 3-0 team, but they believe in their identity and play hard.  Miami has got to do the same so as not to repeat that 41-10 disaster from a few years ago.

Continue: Double Dancing

It seems that the only time the dolphins can get open down field is when they are putting double move’s on the opposing DB.  Brian Hartline sent Cromartie 3 yards past him with a comeback-and-go route, while Bess ran open with a nice stutter and go for a big game.  The Dolphins need more explosive plays through the air and therefore need to run more of these double fakes.  Hartline and Bess’ best assets are their route running abilities; when you’re so thin at wide receiver, you have to take advantage of what you’ve got.  Count your blessings coach Sherm.

“Incognito” Dolphin of the Week: Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback.  Ryan Tannehill’s numbers will not blow you away this week, but his poise and resilience will.  I’ve never seen a rookie so calm and so unflustered after throwing a pick-6.  Not only did Ryan drive the offense down the field to tie the game, but he drove them down to win it in Overtime.  This was RT17’s best performance as a leader and game manager.  The future is bright.


So you’re all probably wondering where is the mention about the Monday night Miracle.  Sorry, I mean disaster.  Well here it is.  In the words of the NFLDraftScout, “Clay Matthews just looked at Russell Wilson.  Better flag it.  Roughing the passer.”  The words paint the entire picture.


Let’s have those Dolphins receivers really Stop and Go!