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The Strange Case of Tony Sparano

So, coming off of the Dolphins first win… in…November, I have a new found appreciation for Sparano’s style. 

Of course I have been so adamantly blasting him since the Cleveland game and wishing for his firing. 

Surely, I have wiped my closet clean of half-sleeve Dolphins pullovers, bent-bill caps, and dark sunglasses. 

However, maybe it was the early December of 2007 parody of Sparano stuck in an ESPN Mayne Even that sold me on his style where I was sold that Sparano would be a head coach in the NFL and certainly better than Cam Cameron at the time.

When I heard his name mentioned as a candidate and Ireland and Parcells were giving him serious consideration I was thrilled!

Sparano opens the scene mimicking the same gestures that the real Soprano does in the last episode of the Sopranos.  Tony Sparano looks around the diner and notices people moving about the place.  It’s a great parody, but I am not so sure he was super thrilled to be in it, but it must have made interested GMs laugh before he did job interviews that season.

Sparano the Grinder

You see, Sparano is a grinder and a hard worker. 

Who goes against doctors orders after a hernia surgery and game plans for the Patriots game? Tony Sparano.

Sparano shows that he cares for his entire football team right down to the front office staff and his support staff in the building. 

Sparano isn’t complaining about the wrong Little Debbie Cakes like Nick Saban did. 

Sparano isn’t complaining about his wack-job of a GM who can’t put a team together that features playmakers and a darn QB. 
Have the Dolphins ever had a good GM? 

Sparano just goes about his business and fires up the team every week.  The team plays fired up and will down the stretch of this season. 

Sparano doesn’t care what the critics think nor does he care what Ross thinks and he doesn’t care what we as fans think. 

If the Dolphins keep Sparano

Here’s what I think, keep Sparano if he rallies to save the season with an at .500 or better record.  Keep him and then support him with better coaches and players. 

Fire Ireland because he can’t think for himself and he makes bad decisions with roster and talent development.  I am not convinced that Jake Long was the best pick for this passing era of the NFL, but he selected him because Parcells said so. 

Sparano is running a team that lacks talent yes, but if guided correctly then this team could win more than 4 games down the stretch.

Lost in all of this has been a clamoring for a new coach by the media and fans. 

Sparano unwavered, along with Daboll put together the greatest gameplan for a Dolphins game I have seen over 15 years. 

I am sure that the Dolphins have been marred by poor play at the QB position.  

Who’s to say that Sparano doesn’t have the plan for a QB next season?