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The top 3 controversies facing the Miami Dolphins this season

Controversy is a huge word that most Dolphins would like to erase from their margarita-liquor filled summer memories.  Case in point, the Dolphins have no where to go but up!

Here are the top 3 issues facing the Dolphins as we currently speak.  They could change in a matter of hours as camp opens and that crazy PUP list comes out!

1. Mike Pouncey is out 8 weeks!  As a result of wear and tear and just general physical toughness shown in camp, the two time Pro Bowl Center will be out the first 8 weeks of the season.  Pouncey’s absence will be felt in the huddle, in the lockeroom, and undoubtedly in and around the club scene.  For Pouncey to be gone this long, the Dolphins offensive line won’t have their true anchor at center and this could cause problems for the Dolphins with the new offense tailored by offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.  The Dolphins could do some early soul-searching as they look for Pouncey’s replacement during the fall and perhaps look at drafting a player that fits the Dolphins blocking scheme.

2.  The Dolphins will be without Dion Jordan for four important games due to a PED suspension!  Surely, this one has been felt for almost one month and is expected to hinder the Dolphins pass rush somewhat.  Here’s the bigger issue, is Dion Jordan capable of holding onto the weight without the PED use?  Jordan was 265 as of OTAs and minicamp.  He was looking pound for pound as one of the best pass rushers in the game.  Can he overcome this setback in nutritional and fitness approach?  I say the Dolphins need Jordan, but since he will get work all of training camp, unlike last year, he will be one to watch after the Dolphins bye.

3. Joe Philbin is inevitably on the coaching hot seat!  We know how well Philbin responded to turning things around after Bullygate 2013.  What we don’t want to see is Bullygate 2014.  We understand that he works will with Dawn Aponte, new GM Dennis Hickey, and OC Bill Lazor.  The question is, does he have enough wins to sell to management, AKA Stephen Ross if the Dolphins falter this season down the stretch?  I’d say no.  I’d also say that Philbin could get an extension if he were to say go 5-0 or 6-0.  However, that’s asking for a ton at this point.  For Philbin to be in Miami next season, the Dolphins must host a playoff game.

Enjoy training camp Dolphins fans!