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This is my Godfather III Moment

The more I try to rip Sparano, the more the play of the Dolphins pull me back in.

If the Godfather III was written about the Dolphins, that’s the line I would include in the script.

Dolfans, this is true: The  Dolphins won in a total thrashing of the Oakland Raiders.

There is just no “I” in team in this Dolphin team of 2011.

The Dolphins got scores from Bess, Reggie Bush, Moore on a QB Draw, and Kevin Burnett on an interception.  The blocked punt was the only thing missing.  But why complain?

This year’s Miami Dolphins are now 4-8 with 4 games to play.  Can we see the Dolphins beat up their next opponent? 

I have so many questions about this win.  Are the Raiders for real after their performance?  Are they a true 7-5 team?  They lost games to Buffalo and Miami, but yet beat the Broncos (without Tebow) and could not contain their penalties in each of their losses. 

I’ll take the win.  I’ll take that the Dolphins are trying to win out and show the NFL and the hosts of Mike and Mike on ESPN. 

What is not favorable is if the Dolphins had a chance to get a QB, that is slowly diminishing since Washington could not beat the Jets. 

Do all Dolfans want Sparano back and Matt Moore?  Matt Moore is has 9 touchdowns to 1 interception in 5 games plus 3 rushing touchdowns. 

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