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Turning on the Hartline: Dolphins find their go to guy

In March, the Miami Dolphins preceded to trade away their alpha receiver in Brandon Marshall. This season, the Miami Dolphins have finally made Brian Hartline the receiver he has strived to be and they guy that fans want to see bewilder secondaries on Sundays.

Although his year got off to a rocky start with outsiders wondering if the Dolphins would release or cut him because of his calf injury, Hartline healed and was ready for action by week 1.

Making tough catches has always been Hartline’s appeal to the Dolphins. He’s a hard worker that works an opposing secondary catching balls when he’s not open wherever the ball is thrown.

Last week was Brian Hartline’s career game catching 12 balls and 1 TD for 253 yards. Those pundits who screamed at the front office for trading one number 19 for Miami last year, can now trust in number 82 who does nothing but catch the ball.  In all, Hartline has 25 receptions and 455 yards receiving. Remarkably, he performs better in losses (16 REC, 344 YDS) than he does in wins (9 REC, 111 YDS).

His mastery of the new and improved Dolphins West Coast Offense is simply amazing since he missed so much time during training camp. The mere fact that he’s become a go to receiver to Tannehill on third and long proves that he’s clutch and makes catches when it matters.

Even though the Dolphins failed to win the past two weeks, his reception and run for 80 yards turning on the jets for 6 points shows that Brian Hartline is ready for the big time and the big contract. The expectations are going to rise after last week’s performance, but should Hartline stay consistent he’ll see a major payday and be a potential Pro Bowler at receiver. 

With Hartline emerging as the star receiver, we’ll all soon forget that #15 in Chicago. 

Update: According to The Miami Herald-Hartline and the Dolphins are talking extension.  If Hartline keeps this up, he’ll have a bigger contract and be the first Dolphin to exceed 1,389 yards receiving since Mark Clayton.  Hartline is on pace for 1,820 yards this season!