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Update on Dolphins Coaching Search: It’s a Race not a Marathon!

Just to quickly update Dolfans that are glued only to the bowl games.  I can’t blame all of you.  It has been a very entertaining day for draftniks and college football fans.

According to the lastest blog and report by the Miami Herald’s own Armando Salguero, Jeff Fisher will in fact interview for the Miami Dolphins head coaching job.  He is also set to interview for the post in St. Louis. 

What is not known yet is when and not many details are available through Salguero’s source.   

Of course Armando makes his case for why the Dolphins should land Jeff Fisher.  He makes his case that the Dolphins in the past have failed miserable with Cameron and Sparano.  Failed because the results were not there.  Coaches with inexperience is what the Dolphins have done and ultimately failed.

Salguero challenges the Dolphins to pursue Fisher or risk hiring or settling on the next coach a less experienced or unproven winner…a re-tread basically. 

The pressure is on everyone involved and we will see if Salguero or Jason LaCanfora are correct in their assessments of both situations.

I believe the Dolphins will interview Jeff Fisher.  Will they land him?  It will take a lot.  But Salguero floats the idea to us as the reader that Ross is offering the keys to the organization.

I am cautiously optimistic and waiting for the Salguero post that will explain his post and poke holes in his post that Fisher really really doesn’t like Miami and will be the Rams coach.

Or it quite possibly looks to be an exciting few weeks in Davie!  We will see!