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Watt is Tannehill’s Daddy

One went to Wisconsin and another went to Texas A&M. One has the keys to the franchise as the “People’s Choice” and the other just plays hard nosed defense for a Super Bowl contender.

Ryan Tannehill’s debut Ends on a sour note with 3 interceptions and zero touchdowns.  Tannehill although kept is uniform slightly clean, did not improve on some of the key adjustments suggested by Head Coach Joe Philbin: stepping up in the pocket when there is pressure, reading the defense, and going through his progressions.  At times it was encouraging to see Tannehill use his head and dump the ball to the sidelines when he didn’t find an open receiver.

JJ Watt, second year player of the Texans owned Tannehill by knocking two passes in the air on consecutive drives. In all, Watt batted up 4 passes and two went into the waiting hands of a patiently waiting Texan.

At the sight of three interceptions it appeared that Coach Joe Philbin hung Tannehill out to dry leaving Tannehill in there to take punishment and to make decisions under the pressure of a game that quickly unraveled.  The only thing that saved young Tannehill was “halftime” as indicated by coach Joe Philbin in his post game presser.

However, Ryan Tannehill, given a chance to respond appeared gun-shy and made the same mistakes multiple times causing outward disgust all over the twitter verse.

Fans were exclaiming that Tannehill is a bust, Philbin is not s good coach, and Jeff Ireland should have drafted someone else.

Consequently, the start of the young QB went better in the second half despite the turnovers from the first half and led the team to the redzone twice.  However, turnovers haunted the team and it seemed like the Dolphins gave the Texans the game in the first half. However, the Dolphins lack of execution on offense, clean pass blocking, a fumble, and giving Tannehill clean passing lanes were all exacerbated the mistakes made by Tannehill.

Much of the media was in “I told you so” mode.  Ryan Tannehill wasn’t awful, but he wasn’t an improvement in Miami after 1 week and three preseason starts.  He certainly has not yet earned the label of franchise quarterback.  

What is Tannehill? He is a young rookie QB with a lot to learn and has a steep learning curve eventhough he grasps the offense.

Will he improve is the question on the minds of his teammates and coaching staff.

He’s the starter and he will take the blame for the poor performance.

He’s JJ Watt’s Daddy for today.