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Weekend Dolphins Notes: Collinsworth thinks Bengals will deal Palmer

Most of the speculation around Carson Palmer possibly being traded to the Miami Dolphins has died down with Cincinnati owner Mike Brown’s unrelenting stubbornness. Despite Palmer threatening retirement, Brown has been adamant all offseason that the Bengals won’t be entertaining any trade talks.

Its clear Brown doesn’t want to be pushed around by Palmer, but now that the Bengals have his likely successor in TCU’s Andy Dalton, it only makes business sense to get some value from Palmer and move on. Former Bengal Pro Bowl receiver and Sunday Night Football commentator Chris Collinsworth, who knows a thing or two about the organization, echoed those thoughts to The Rich Eisen Podcast.

“Mike’s a businessman, and I think Mike Brown is probably the guy that is holding up the idea that Carson Palmer is going to be traded — A) he doesn’t like somebody to dictate terms to him in the way that Carson has done it,” Collinsworth said. “But now with the drafting of a quarterback, I think that Mike will get what he can for Carson Palmer, and I do think there’s going to be some interest.”

If accurate, that just opens up an extra avenue for the Dolphins to potentially solve their quarterback woes once the lockout is over. Personally, I wouldn’t give up anything more than a second-round pick, but I do believe Palmer would be the best solution for the Dolphins. Just another headline to monitor once we’re back in business.

Pennington sitting out 2011, will commentate on FOX

Chad Pennington, who has been contemplating retirement all offseason after tearing his ACL playing basketball in March, will reportedly call games for FOX Sports this fall. A great pickup for FOX as Pennington has the tools to be a great commentator with one of the best football IQ’s around.

I have to say this is a loss for the Dolphins, though, simply because Pennington is the type of leader you want in the locker room. Many fans were hoping he would stay in Miami and assume some role however big or small on the coaching staff. But it should be a joy to hear Pennington in the booth. Unfortunately, though, he didn’t take a job with CBS, so he won’t be calling many Dolphins games.

Brandon Marshall hasn’t attended any player-organized workouts

I think it’s safe to say that Brandon Marshall and quarterback Chad Henne weren’t on the same page at times in 2010. For those hoping a full offseason of work would help improve their timing and chemistry, don’t expect much improvement this year. Davone Bess told the Palm Beach Post that Marshall hasn’t attended any of the team’s player-organized workouts.

Obviously, the lockout has prevented the normal offseason routine with no minicamps or OTA’s and Marshall has had himself a tumultuous offseason with the ongoing saga with his wife. And it’s important to note that this could all be a moot point, as the Dolphins’ 2011 starting quarterback may not even be on the roster yet. Ideally, though, you would like your star receiver and supposedly one of the leaders on offense participating with his teammates in these workouts.