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The lighter side of Joe Philbin’s press conference

After a few minutes of laughing, followed by a few chuckles and an intermittent knee slap,  I continued my day.  No, I didn’t just watch an episode of Big Bang Theory.  It was Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin’s stand up comedy show disquised nicely as his Scouting Combine press conference.  All that was missing was an occasional rimshot or a Sheldon “bazinga”.  For example–Philbin actually kept a straight face as he spewed this nugget in his opening statement…

“….and if they left Miami and went to another organization or left and went to work for General Electric, Goldman Sachs or whatever great company in America, they would look back on their time as a Miami Dolphin and say, ‘That organization was committed to helping me reach my full potential.”


It works better with an actual sound effect, but you get the idea.  Joe Philbin’s whole press conference was nothing but another example of “learning on the job”.  Tony Sporano and Cam Cameron have GOT to be chuckling now.  Oh how I long for the ineptitude of those days….

I could pile on and continue the easy task of ridiculing “Jersey Joe” Philbin’s bobbing and weaving his way through his press conference, but as a Dolphins fan, it’s time to turn the page.  Philbin is still learning, and owner Steven Ross is determined to let him…unfortunately.

Besides, the only thing Philbin could’ve done to save that press conference—was announce his resignation.


Thanks….I’ll be here all week.  Try the squid.