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What’s next for the Dolphins following Wells report?

Ted Wells' much anticipated report on his investigation of workplace misconduct in the Miami Dolphins organization was finally released Friday. While the fate of Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito as members of the Dolphins had already been sealed, the report implicates several other members of the organization. Wells' findings in 144 pages can be found here.

Offensive line coach Jim Turner is almost certain to face severe consequences, most likely in the form of him bring relieved of his role. There are several allegations against Turner including the harassment of other players, in addition to Martin, as well as encouraging the culture that led to this investigation. Although Turner denied having knowledge about what was occuring, the report stated other wise. During the interview process, Turner also insisted that he couldn't remember any of the events that took place. His replacement is already waiting in the wings as the Dolphins hired former Texans offensive line coach John Benton as an assistant. It's nearly a certainty that Turner will lose his job.

Although he is not likely to face any punishment, the report does not reflect Joe Philbin very well. The investigation cleared Philbin of having any type of role in the harassment, however, how could the head coach not know what was happening in his locker room? While he did not directly contribute, Philbin hired the two assistants that the report implicates, Turner and head trainer Kevin O'Neill. Philbin's lack of leadership skills are also clearly evident here as he failed to ensure his players are held accountable for their actions. Being able to lead players, create a winning culture and hire a competent staff of assistants are all qualities required to be a successful NFL head coach. At this moment, Philbin does not possess any of the three.

While they did not take it to the same extreme as Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey and John Jerry also particpated in the harassment of Martin, other players on the team and an assistant trainer. A fine is the likely consequence for both of these players. Specifically in the case of Pouncey, he is arguably the only Dolphins offensive lineman worth retaining, which would make trading him a difficult pill to swallow. 

It is unclear if the Dolphins organization will face punishment as a whole and be forced to forfeit a pick in April's draft.