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What to make of the Dolphins embarrassing performance Sunday



The Dolphins were victim of a good ole fashion butt Whooping this week. If you're looking for positives from this game well without being too cynical there really weren't any. The Dolphins fell victim of Murphy's Law this Sunday as everything went wrong.

Whether it was a lack of discipline and preparation by the coaching staff, a bad fumble by Reggie Bush, bad interceptions by Ryan Tannehill, complete meltdown by the Dolphins defense, the list goes on and on. There were no good individual performance and the Dolphins were out coached, outplayed and outclassed by a very average Titans team.

Reggie Bush ‏@reggie_bush

I have to apologize to Dolphin Nation my performance these past few weeks has been poor & I'm embarrassed right now! You guys deserve better


Shit f*lm dnt lie, I been trippin past couple of games, gotta show up big thursday!!


Cameron Wake: "It was an embarrassment all around. What more can you say?"

Bush along with many others had no excuses or reasons for their performance this week but everyone knows that the product this Sunday on the field was unacceptable.

The Dolphins don't get much time to rebound as they are back in action this Thursday against Buffalo. The Dolphins have now dug themselves in quite the hole in the AFC playoff race as now it seems that they are falling too far behind to catch up. That being said it is only week 9 so let's not go overboard.

Coaching was as concerning as everything else this Sunday as not only did the Dolphins come out this week flat, they were perhaps even worse coming out of the 2nd half making no adjustments and clearly not buying what Philbin was selling to them in the locker room.

While it's clear this roster clearly lacks the talent required to be an elite NFL teams, week after week it is even more scary watching some of the obvious holes.

Erase the game tape, move on and get back to work. That's the only thing you can do at this point. 

Ireland “We’ll find out who we are and what we’re made of on a short week."