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What to think of the 1st Dolphins depth chart

The long awaited first Miami Dolphins depth chart came out today and it came with its fair share of surprises.  Before fans overreact however note that even coach Philbin said the depth chart is far from finalized and there are still positional battles that need to be worked out.

That being said this is the first black and white information that Dolphins fans can get their hands on to see where this roster is going.

The entire depth chart is posted in a photo below.

No big surprise on the QB end as the buzz has officially turned into real material as the Dolphins listed David Garrard as the starting QB with Moore behind him and Tannehill as the 3rd string.

The big shocker of the depth chart was CB and former first round pick Vontae Davis was listed as a backup behind Richard Marshall.

The Dolphins also didn’t list Brain Hartline as a starting WR, the top 5 WR’s based on the depth chart are: Naanee, Bess, Chad Johnson, Brian Hartline, Julius Pruitt. It’s a little surprising that Roberto Wallace isn’t there despite a very strong camp.

This list also doesn’t bode well for the two rookie WR’s who also so UDFA Jeff Fuller above them.

Steve Slaton was listed above Lamar Miller which also is a little curious considering Miller’s strong start to camp.

It’s still very early, there is more practices to go down and pre season games to played, but the early depth chart did provide a couple of question marks. I can’t imagine that this will end up being the opening day starting depth chart, expect changes they will happen.

Perhaps this is just my opinion but while I believe Garrard will start I do believe his main competition is Ryan Tannehill and NOT Matt Moore. Moore’s place on this team might be the biggest question mark heading into week 1.

It also seems Chad Johnson is all but a lock to make the roster at this point.