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What should the Dolphins next move be?

Dolphin’s nation it’s time to a big deep breath,  yesterday the Dolphins finally had luck on their side as it appears Jake Long’s ankle injury is only a minor tweak and he should even be ready to go for the opener although that has yet to be fully confirmed.

The offensive line would have been quite the mess with rookie Jonathan Martin moving to left tackle in practice as without the presence of their leader and all pro left tackle.

The scare did shed some light as how fragile this roster is and how 2012 might not be the one where the Dolphins breakthrough. While I refuse to be to negative before the season even starts it is interesting to note that the Dolphins roster isn’t even as good as it was coming into training camp.

As Omar Kelly noted : Garrard injury, Chad Johnson released, Vontae Davis traded, special teams stud Julius Pruitt released. While all moves were made by management the moves might have been more in preparation of building this team long term than improving the roster for this season.

With a Super Bowl both not very likely and the playoffs and a winning season even seeming like a stretch, personally what I would like to see from the 2012/2013 is that the Dolphins have found their franchise QB.

Hopefully despite what might be a hard season to endure, the result will have led to the Dolphins discovering that Ryan Tannehill is the right guy to lead this team for the next 10-15 years.

That being said in order to help Ryan Tannehill’s development come along, I think it is necessary the Dolphins add a vet and proven WR, whether it be through the waiver wire or through a trade, the Dolphins need to make Ryan Tannehill’s life easier.

While I don’t know how I feel about the long term approach of trading for Dwayne Bowe or others, the idea of James Jones does make sense. That being said like discussed before anything more than a 4th round pick for Jones would seem to be too expensive for my taste. The Dolphins draft twitter account also listed Jacbory Ford who is often injured but has the talent and big play ability this team can use. 

The Dolphins are clearly in a rebuilding mode, which is OK because I believe it is necessary with the current roster however I still believe it is important to add to the receiving corps for today as Tannehill’s development is the key to this franchise finding success.

I believe the Dolphins can find the right balance in planning for today while preparing for tomorrow, that being said it certainly isn’t helping the odds for success this year when you trade all your assets away.