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When will the roster churning end in Miami ?

Something that sets winning organizations from others who struggle is consistency. There is an expression, “the family who plays together, stays together”, the same can apply to a football team. Teams that have had the ability to gel together and build relationships over the years generally perform better on the football field.

This can be seen on a football team, with QB’s building a relationship with its WR’s or an offensive line working together.

From @DolphinsNews “As of today, 34% of the Dolphins roster has been turned over from last season ” 

With a young rookie QB and a team which seems it’s about to get their second rebuild, this team will need to work together and build off each other if it’s going to succeed.

While change can usually be a good thing in football, too much of it can really damage a roster. Dan Marino who recently made some comments on the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill at Dolphins’ Touchdown Club luncheon said ““Ryan Tannehill is going to have to grow with the people around him and learn as much as he can on the run. “

Marino notes the importance of Tannehill growing with people around him.

This rebuild will be a process, it will take time until the Dolphins turn this thing around, however if the Dolphins want to make this work they will need to improve on creating consistency and building relationships on this team, churning the roster is no way to succeed in this league.