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Who is calling the plays for Miami?

Something that has been eating at me since week one is the illusion that everyone notices on the sidelines.

 I see Brian Daboll calling the plays with a play card and a headset.

 I notice Tony Sparano with a headset and play card.  (Could be ordering a post game meal or making reservations at Shula’s).

I am so confused by this idea that Tony is calling the plays.  Why? Because when Tony signed his extension and was given vote of confidence (#1) and mandated to provide a dynamic offense, much of the South Florida media alluded to the fact that Tony was no longer the play caller, but that the coaches would coach.

Is Daboll calling all of the offensive plays?  Is Daboll talking to the QB (Henne before injury and now Moore).  

What the heck is going on?  If you are a fan of sideline behavior as I am, watch for this interesting idea to take shape.

I am under the impression that Tony calls the O-Line calls only to the QB and then Daboll chimes in with the play.  (I know this contradicts the idea that the QB makes this call, but I need to see if this is true…it’s a conspiracy.)

It seems like a crazy game of telephone where the message starts out clear and then loses clarity when the last person delivers the message.

If Tony does call the plays for the O-Line then Columbo et. al must be confused as heck by the time it gets to them.

If Daboll calls the plays for the QB, then that play is getting changed and thus the usual first quarter and third quarter unecessary time outs.

I am going to go out on a limb here…This is a major flaw of this team in terms of coaching.  Two men are calling the plays.  

A true model of coaching an offense should be a coach that calls the plays, dictates the tempo,and knows the line calls.  

So, what does Tony do?  

What do you think?

Feel free to opine regarding this observation of sideline play calling.