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Who is the real monster in the Dolphins locker room?

The Miami Dolphins have a monster in the locker room.  No, it's not Richie Incognito—his name is Mike Wallace.  Wallace on Sunday had 5 receptions against the Panthers for 125 yards and 53 yard touchdown.  His numbers demonstrate big money numbers for a big money player.

Yes, it’s the same Mike Wallace that dropped a pass at the end of Sunday’s loss that looked like – had he caught the pass – he would’ve been down at the one yard line. That would've just padded his already monster-like numbers. The Dolphins players, in what could have seemingly been mass hysteria and confusion, wouldn't have been able to stop the clock in time for another play since the coaching staff felt it necessary to waste timeouts on Carolina's last drive.  A last second spike would have been too little too late.  Quarterback Ryan Tannehill could not have thrown the ball more on the money than that bomb to Wallace.

However, we finally got a glimpse of what the future holds for the Dolphins if–and that's a big if–an offensive line is ever incorporated on the roster.  Don’t let these close games fool you.  The ENTIRE reason the Dolphins are where they are now is because of ONE thing and ONE thing only.  NO OFFENSIVE LINE.  Not the over thrown passes from Tannehill, not turnovers, not the running game, not the defense, not even coaching.  One could argue that the coaching staff has done a decent job adjusting to the zoo in the locker room.  

Could you imagine what would happen if the Dolphins had the opportunity to run an offense behind a healthy and somewhat talented offensive line?  Wallace is a monster waiting to be released.  Waiting to be mentioned as the guy opposing teams have to scheme for and worry about.  Wallace is the guy that will make Tannehill a Pro Bowl quarterback one day, or get him run out of Miami if he's not more accurate, or doesn't continue to live up to the TanneKill moniker because his receivers are dropping like flies because of high throws.  

Until then it's a whole lot of “Clabo-ing”.  It’s like “Tebowing” except we do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Just stand there and watch the Dolphins quarterback continue to take a record number of sacks in a season.  The over/under for sacks is headed for 65 should Tannehill continue to take 4 sacks per game.  Maybe then the coaches will realize the importance of unleashing this 60 million dollar beast and feed this monster the football.