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Who is Zac Taylor?


No, Dolfans this blog at Phins Phocus is not going to lobby for Zac Taylor getting the starting nod on game day.  Even if yours truly is a Nebraska Cornhusker fan, it won’t happen!

Taylor is the Miami Dolphins new Assistant QB Coach as of today. 

Taylor was brought over from Texas A&M where Mike Sherman had him as a Graduate Assistant.

While Taylor has elevated from GA to now Dolphins Assistant QB Coach it really shows that Mike Sherman trusts this guy with the clipboard and the development of the Franchise quarterback the Dolphins sign or draft.

First some background on Zac Taylor:

Zac Taylor was part of a late season switch by then coach Bill Callahan and responsible for engineering a massive comeback to knock off Michigan in the 2006 Alamo Bowl.  He threw three touchdowns in the game, but did not earn the game-high honors. 

Who did, you might ask?  None other than Chad Henne.  In fact Henne threw for 270, 3TD,1INT and was (21-43).

Henne at the time was a Junior, so his best season was yet to come. (Insert foot in mouth and everything about Bill Parcells.)

Henne was part of a team that relied on its defense to stop the Nebraska Cornhusker offense that was powerful with the pass for the first time in its history. No Husker player ever threw for 3 TDs in a bowl game!  Until Taylor! 

Henne got no breaks as a QB of the Dolphins and continually placed the defense in precarious situations because of interceptions and poor play at the QB position. 

However, back to Taylor who threw for 3TD, but only had 167 Yds passing on 14-31 passing. 

More with less or with a running game, Cory Ross ran for 160 plus yards.

Taylor went on to Tampa Bay and was cut in training camp as an undrafted free-agent.

Then went to Canada to play football for the Winnepeg Blue Bombers and in a Grey Cup in 2007.

After his career as a player ended, he went into coaching with Mike Sherman at Texas A&M.

So, as Taylor is given an opportunity to groom and develop all QBs in Miami, why is he so coveted by Mike Sherman?

Because Zac’s father, Sherwood was a DB and lettered at Oklahoma.  Football is in his blood! 

Or because Mike Sherman is his father-in law…or because Ryan Tannehill worked with both Coach Sherman and Zac Taylor.

Ryan Tannehill is the QB prospect from TAMU with a surgically-repaired foot and can’t do anything until late March as far as workouts.

Let’s welcome Zac Taylor (and his family) to Miami and be hopeful that he can develop and work under the tutelage of Coach Mike Sherman!