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Wide Receiver Options For The Dolphins

As Dolphins fans had their palms covering their faces watching the receiving corps drop pass after pass, one has to start to think how much is this group of receivers going to hold this team back.

Before I go into the receiving group let me note that Fasano usually sure handed did not really lend a helping hand either. The Dolphins who have lacked playmakers season after season seem to have got no further in solving their very blatant hole.  After Davone Bess, the Dolphins are now struggling to even field 2 or 3 NFL caliber WR’s.

Mike Sherman says of the WRs, “I think we’ll keep Bess. I can pretty much guarantee that, but there’s only one of him.”

The late round draft picks and undrafted free agents have one by one failed to step up and prove they can contribute. Brian Hartline doesn’t seem to be getting in the lineup any faster
and it has got to the point where this group of wide outs could damage Ryan Tannehill’s development. Putting the kid out there with out much help around him almost defeats the purpose of letting him get in there and learn.

Whether it’s Wallace, Gates, Matthews or Moore, none of these players have been able to step up and provide quality and consistent production.

August 28th should be a wake up call for this group as players around the league will be getting cut and the Dolphins will surely be looking to improve the current group which have not come close impressing. It’s not like the Dolphins to make big deals, so I wouldn’t expect the Dolphins trying to deal for Reggie Wayne or Mike Wallace or any other sexy name that most fans are hoping for. James Jones might be a candidate to be dealt however I find it unlikely a SB hopefully Packer team would deal the depth they have built up incase of an injury.

The more likely scenario for the Dolphins would be the free agent market of cast offs from other rosters after the player cuts. What ever route the Dolphins choose to go, it would be very concerning if the Dolphins decided not to adress the position. At this point the fans have to sit back and relax and hope that the right player falls in the Dolphins lap. Here are some players that might be on the roster bubble which could be options for the Dolphins at WR.

Deon Butler and Mike Williams – Currently on the Seattle Roster

Jabar Gaffney, Deion Branch and Donte Stallworth – Currently on the New England Roster 

Danario Alexander and Brandon Gibson – Currently on St Louis   

Joe Morgan- Currently on New Orleans  

Ruvell Martin- Currently on Buffalo, played with Philbin in GB   

Arrelious Benn – Currently on Tampa Bay

Louis Murphy- Currently on Carolina    

Donald Driver and Jarrett Boykin – Currently on Green Bay

Mark Clayton – FA
Mohamed Massaquoi – Currently on Cle