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AJ Styles Wants Long Term Feud and WrestleMania Match with Current SmackDown Mega Star

AJ Styles was recent a guest on the Edge & Christian podcast, E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. Styles talked about his run in TNA, New Japan, his debut at the Royal Rumble, and more.

One of the topics addressed was Styles’ match against Nakamura in Japan. Much to the shock of both Edge and Christian, Styles revealed that the two only competed one time ever, which was Wrestle Kingdom 10 for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship inside the Tokyo Dome.

Styles stated that not only does he want to face Nakamura again, in the WWE, but he wants it to be big:

Hopefully, when it finally happens in the WWE, it should be something big. It should be bigger than just match. It’d be one I’d like to do at WrestleMania, to be honest with you. I’ve let [WWE] know how important it is that we don’t just have a match.

There’s so much build that can go into this, and I almost feel like, right when people feel like it’s gonna happen, when we finally get AJ Styles vs. Nakamura on this pay-per-view, we can stretch this out as long as we want, to finally give you the payoff that is necessary. The big climax of it, if you will.