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Ginobili considers inflatable poker tables ‘fancy’

It seems that San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili has been doing some online shopping lately. THPYesterday, on Ginobili’s Twitter account he tweeted:

Fancy – Texas Hold’em Inflatable

Well first, it can be debated whether an inflatable poker table is “fancy,” two, perhaps Manu shouldn’t be thinking about gambling during an NBA lockout and three, the guy in the photo is one lucky dude. He has three bikini-clad women in a pool with no other guy in sight.

It’s unknown if Ginobili was suggesting the poker table for his San Antonio based followers where temperatures are regularly in the 100’s these days or if he really thought, “Wow, this is a fancy table. I should let everyone see this thing.”

Regardless, I got one thing to say: NBA lockout please end already.