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Ginobili’s 33-points too much for Splitter, Brazil in pre-Olympic match

San Antonio Spurs players Manu Ginobili and Tiago Splitter shared the floor together for the first timeMG on Friday evening in Buenos Aries, Argentina since falling at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder in game six of the Western Conference Finals. 

Though, Ginobili and Splitter weren’t sporting the silver and black; instead each faced each other as Argentina defeated Brazil 80-74 to win the Super 4 Hopes Fun cup.

Splitter and Brazil had no answer for Ginobili as he led the game with 33-points for Argentina. Former NBA player Andres Nocioni helped Argentina with 11 points, while Houston Rockets forward Luis Scola chipped in with 10 points.

Indiana Pacers unrestricted free agent Leandro Barbosa led Brazil with 17 points, while Regal FCB point guard Marcelinho Huertas had 15 points for Brazil. In the frontcourt, Cleveland Cavaliers big man Anderson Varejao had 9 points, while Splitter contributed with 7 points. 

It was a close game throughout as Brazil led after one, 22-20 and Brazil maintained the slim lead 40-39 going into halftime. Argentina began to pull away in the third quarter due to Ginobili as they led 60-57 after three, and finished the game at the free throw line to win 80-74.

Here are a couple of my in game comments via my twitter stream as I was live commenting the second half on twitter.

  • Brazil is sporting the Yellow uni’s, Manu just dished a nice behind-the-back pass, and “El Chapu” is driving. ‪#ARG‬ ‪#BRA‬
  • Don’t worry ‪#Spurs‬ fans, Tiago Splitter is missing free throws for Brazil as well, not just the silver and black.
  • Manu is slicing and dicing through Brazil, at the free throw line after being fouled by ‪#Cavs‬’ Anderson Varejao. Close game in 3Q
  • One of my fav international point guards, Marcelo Huertas, just attacked the basket and finished at the rim. He’d be a nice ‪#Spurs‬backup
  • Varejao still has it, just finished a potential and-1 off a screen-and-roll. ‪#Spurs‬ could use a big man like him, quick, plays defense
  • 3Q just ended, ‪#ARG‬ leads ‪#BRA‬ 60-57. I can tell you Manu was involved in most of ARG’s points in the 3Q
  • Beautiful give-and-go from Scola in the post to Manu attacking the basket. They have fluid chemistry on the floor
  • Manu just went Kobe on BRA, they had him iso’d in the post, he hit a fadeaway jumper in his defenders eye.
  • Manu Ginobili is making this crowd go nuts right now, this crowd sounds like a futbol crowd after Manu finished with the and-1. ‪#ARG ‬75-73

Argentina will play Mexico on Sunday in another pre-Olympic qualifying game as they prepare for the 2012 London Games. From what I observed in the game, Washington Wizards center Nene did not play for Brazil. 

(Photo: estadisticas.lavozdelinterior.net)