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Issues still lingering for Drew-Goodman  showdown

GNAs reported last Friday, the famed Drew League (West Coast) vs. Goodman League (East Coast) game is set to feature multiple NBA players. The game is set to be played on August 20th and fans around the nation should be flocking to Washington D.C.

Now that the game has generated lots of buzz, an assortment of issues have arisen where the players and organizers of the event must find a way through in order to give the fans a rare summer spectacle.

San Antonio Spurs’ Gary Neal is set to participate, but unless some of these hurdles are met, there may not be a summer game. And although the game will more than likely go on, here are some of the issues which still need to be ironed out:

  • Broadcasting rights to cover hosting expenses: While Smiley had said previously that ESPN was interested in showing the game, he is now in discussions with the online broadcasting site Ustream about airing the game for $6.95 per viewer. He also is still seeking more sponsors to help cover costs of flying and housing the players.
  • Players will need insurance: While Drew and Goodman are both free for fans on a normal weekend, this will be a paid exhibition (tickets range from $25 to $60). As such, one involved agent said the players’ respective contracts aren’t covered by their “For Love of the Game” clause with their NBA teams and a separate insurance policy will be needed in order for them to play.

With a lockout in full effect, and with no end in sight, let’s hope for NBA fans this event will go on without a hitch and some solid four quarters of basketball will go on.