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Jackson gets lighter in the wallet

After the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, Lakers coach Phil Jackson targeted the refs in his post-game remarks saying they were against them.

Earlier today, Project Spurs posted some of Jackson’s post-game remarks but he also did have this gem to add about the refs and Bennett Salvatore.

“You never know with a referee,” Jackson said. “You go over and talk to him, he may not have wanted anybody to talk to him at that point. It didn’t look like Kobe berated him at all, but you guys probably had a better television view than I had at that end of the court.”

Jackson added: “It didn’t look like he was berating him or anything,” Jackson said. “But, with Bennett you don’t know what you’re going to get.”

Well the NBA has fined Jackson $35, 000.00 for criticizing the refs.

Knowing Phil, he will gladly pay this fine if it means getting into the minds of the refs and the Spurs should these two teams meet up in the NBA post-season.