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Jay Howard battling cancer

Jay HowardAccording to the San Antonio Express-News, former Spurs’ play-by-play announcer, Jay Howard, is battling cancer in both of his kidneys, called  renal cell carcinoma.

Surgery on Aug. 3 removed roughly half of one kidney. Another surgery set for Sept. 8 likely will cost him half of the other.

But Howard, the voice of the Spurs from 1989-2001, said doctors have told him his prognosis is excellent. The cancer has been found to be contained in both kidneys and hasn’t spread to any lymph nodes.

“They don’t know why I had two tumors growing at the same time,” said Howard, who has been with Planto Roe since 2005. “But they said that this kind of cancer could have been growing for five years.”

Howard, a fan favorite for his days with the Spurs and Ticket 760, will be in our thoughts and prayers as he prepares for his surgery next month.