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Nowitzki Taking Shots at Bowen
As if Erick Dampier talking about putting Tony Parker on his back wasn’t enough, Dirk Nowitzki decided to step the smack talk up a notch.

“Nobody’s trying to hurt anybody in this league,” Nowitzki said. “We’re all competitors, but we’re all in this together. … Damp certainly doesn’t have the reputation of being a dirty player. They got one, we don’t. So nothing’s going to happen. We’re just going to have to protect the paint a little better and not give up a hundred layups.”

For a guy that’s known for choking in the playoffs, you might want to focus on how you’re going to get out of your own rut before opening your moth, Dirk.
Drew Gooden said it best yesterday when he said the Spurs don’t talk, they’d rather show it on the court.
After getting routed by the Spurs and having Parker use the Mavs as a practice team for layup drills, the only thing on these players minds should be trying to even the series.
And that’s why the Spurs have four rings and the Mavs have none.