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Pick 51 — Jack McClinton

mcclinton.jpgThis guy is a shooter. Not a finisher, not a slasher, not a defender, a shooter.

College: Miami
Position: SG
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 185

Jack McClinton shoots, and he shoots well. One of the most efficient scorers in college, he shoots the 3 well, a 47% clip on 18.6 possessions per game. His efficiency is impressive playing for a bad team with few offensive options.

I don’t see a future for McClinton on the Spurs anytime soon, but after a few years, he holds the potential to be a quick spark off the bench.

McClinton says he can do a lot more though. With a chip on his shoulder, he could become a second round steal much like Gilbert Arenas was. With several aging wings on our roster, his timing might be just right to join the Spurs.