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Spurs news and notes: Other outlets know Spurs are struggling due to injuries
  • SpursDesertnews.com released their NBA rankings Sunday morning, they ranked the Los Angeles Lakers higher than the Spurs due to the Spurs injury woes:

2. Spurs: Not the same team without Tim Duncan, which was obvious in last two losses.

  • The Detroit News discusses the Spurs “swoon“; in particular, because of the Duncan injury:

It will be interesting to see if the Spurs can hang onto the best record in the NBA with Tim Duncan (left ankle) out.

Sure, he isn’t the Duncan of old, but he’s still a pretty good defender, rebounder and has a solid court presence.

  • If you own a 3D television, you may be able to watch the NBA Finals in 3D; reports The Denver Post:

Two Nuggets games, most recently Wednesday’s win against the Spurs, have been in 3-D, and ESPN 3-D will air the NBA Finals in June.

  • Greg Jaklewicz writes a fascinating article about Spurs play-by-play announcer Bill Schoening:

They talked once, when Bill was maybe 17 and Springsteen in his mid-20s. Kid, the Boss asked him, what do you want to do in life?

Broadcast sports, Bill told him.

Well, do it, Springsteen advised. Whatever dues you have to pay, pay up. It’s not about the money but doing something you love.

  • Boston’s number one Celtics blog RedsArmy.com, keeps an eye on the Spurs and other contenders.