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Jimmer gives proof we need basketball back. Like  now!

It’s true, we’d all be better off with NBA basketball back in our lives (though ESPN and the NCAA has done a nice job putting some nice matchups together to kick off their season). But no one needs basketball back more than Sacramento Kings’ Jimmer Fredette.

Larry Brown Sports posted the definitive picture of a guy being whipped by his Lady Friend.

That’s Fredette’s fiance Whitney Wonnacott dressed as Cruela Deville sitting on top of Fredette who is dressed like one of the 101 Dalmatians. The look on his face says it all. Seriously bro, you couldn’t have been the Prince Charming to her Snow White? You couldn’t have been Aladdin to her Princess Jasmine? You couldn’t have been the Macho Man Randy Savage to her Miss Elizabeth?

Anyways, this is easily my favorite picture of the lockout. Keep up the good work, Jimmer.