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Rams GM Les Snead Insists Targeted Player Still on Draft Board

Despite a report to the contrary, Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead said the team’s target selection as the NFL Draft resumes tonight is still available.

Turf Show Times reported that the Rams had targeted Ole Miss tight end Even Engram with their first pick, which is the No. 37 overall and takes place in the second round. That report was based on a pair of tweets:



The tweets run contrary to what Snead said on the Rams official website:

(On if they ever thought about trading up into the first round)


“Truthfully, no. We knew this was the year probably not to give up picks to go get a player late. We had done a lot of work on who we felt would fall to (second round), and we were very comfortable with those players. So, we felt that it might be the best strategy to stay put this year.”

(On if their desired player is still available on the board)


“Still there.”

Head coach Sean McVay tempered Snead’s statement somewhat, saying that Snead had several “desired” players:

Players. He’s got a lot of guys (laughs). Les leans over at (No.) 30 with his tape, and you feel really good about a bunch of different guys. That’s the thing that’s unique about this experience is kind of having all of those contingency plans in place, which they’ve done a great job with. You’re sitting there at (No.) 30, before that pick is even made. He’s got his top-eight listed in order of priority. So, you can appreciate the plans, and we’re all on the same page. We know, no matter what happens, how those next picks lay out. Once we get to (No.) 37, we’re going to get a great football player that we feel good about.

The logical choice at this point seems to be wide receiver Zay Jones, a 6-foot-2, 200-pounder from East Carolina with 4.45 speed, according to ESPN’s draft analysis.