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Jaws says Flacco is better than Brees… who am I to disagree?

This goes into the "You can't make this stuff up" column…

Ron Jaworski’s popular and well-respected “Jaws’ QB Countdown,” continued on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” this week, and he shocked a few people by ranking Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco ahead of Saints' gunslinger Drew Brees.

It’s still unknown where Flacco will fall on the list, but he’s definitely above Brees, who was nominated for “Best Record-Breaking Performance” at the 2013 ESPYs for breaking Johnny Unitas' record of consecutive games with a touchdown pass last season (54 games).

Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Matt Ryan are all still left to be ranked.

Football Focus’ Gordon McGuiness and The Baltimore Sun’s Matt Vensel debated on Twitter just how high the Super Bowl XLVII MVP could climb up the list. Last year, Flacco ranked No. 9 on Jaws’ list.

@PFF_Gordon:  Jaws has Flacco above Brees in his QB rankings. The media still hates Flacco though, right Baltimore?

@mattvensel: I knew that Jaworski, a Philly guy, loved Joe Flacco, but wow.

@PFF_Gordon: If he has him above Brees, I could see him having him as high as 2. Can't have him higher than Rodgers, surely?

@mattvensel: No way. He believes that many of Joe's throws were contested because his receivers and he raves about his toughness. … I'd bet that would be two of the things he highlights and I guarantee he says "barrel of the gun" when discussing…

@PFF_Gordon: As in, if he had better receivers they wouldn't have been contested?

@mattvensel: No separation.

@PFF_Gordon: I think that's harsh on the receivers. Boldin might not get much separation through speed, but got himself in decent positions. … Definitely can't say Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones didn't get separation though.

Top eight might be wishful thinking considering Flacco ranked 14th in scoring on NFL.com (234.88 points) among fantasy quarterbacks last year, and he has only cracked the top 10 once in his five-year career, in 2010. ESPN projects Flacco at No. 15.

But maybe Vensel, who covers Flacco on the local level and knows the quarterback well, sees something that the national guys don’t.

“Flacco is not an elite fantasy option – think studs like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady – and he might not be as productive as second-tier guys like Peyton Manning and Cam Newton,” Vensel wrote. “But if he picks up where he left off in the playoffs, he could be a mid-round steal that outscores fellow quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford.”

You know…think about it… last 5 years:

Every year in the playoffs, won at least one game, 3 AFC North division titles, 3 times to AFC championship, one AFC championship, one Superbowl Championship, Superbowl MVP….

What other QB in the league can say that about their first 5 years? Joe Montana maybe?

How can they question Flacco's ability with a straight face knowing these facts?

Jaws is nail on the head right! If it were Ben, Ryan or Brady with those stats they would be tripping over themselves gushing about it.

I mean what do these guys want from Joe Flacco to finally show some love?

Don't they realize he's just a regular Joe who happens to be one of the best QB's in the NFL?

It happens…