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Joe Flacco Awaits a New Playbook…

Joe Flacco is shoveling snow like the rest of us in the mid-Atlantic region today —and by all accounts that is a pretty good offseason workout session.  But any day now he expects a package to arrive by Fed Ex that will keep him indoors and in study hall for the next month or so.

Flacco is getting a brand new playbook from newly-hired OC Gary Kubiak.

Kubiak made the announcement yesterday via a press release issued by the Ravens PR department's Ryan Mink.

“I think the biggest thing when you’re new is getting a playbook done quick,” Kubiak told BaltimoreRavens.com.

“The best thing I can do for Joe right now is get to work and get something in Joe’s hands at some point. We’re going to do that here pretty quickly.”

The sooner Kubiak can get his playbook sent to Flacco, the more prepared Flacco can be when organized team activities begin in late-May.

“Once we start the phases of the offseason, I need Joe to be as far along as he possibly can with my verbiage and how we do things,” Kubiak said. “That relationship has started, along with [Quarterbacks] Coach [Rick] Dennison, and [Flacco’s] the most important guy that we catch up right now.”

“[I’m] talking to John and getting on the same page with some of the ways he wants to call things,” Kubiak said. “It’s been an adjustment period, but the bottom line is we’ve settled down now, we know what direction we’re going.

“We’re going to have to be great teachers this year because it’s brand new. We’ve got to get going teaching as quick as we possibly can. Time is of the essence.”

Kubiak isn’t just bringing his old Texans playbook and handing it out to his new players. There are adjustments being made according to personnel and the vision of Head Coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens’ way of doing things.

While Kubiak said there’s “naturally” going to be a lot of change in verbiage and system, he added that the most important thing he had to do when first arriving is talk and listen to the coaches that have already been in Baltimore to get a feel for what was in place.

Imagine— Flacco could be calling outside stretch runs and (gasp) QB bootlegs!

Say goodbye to the Cam Cameron/Jim Caldwell School of compulsory routines.

Study well, Grasshopper Joe…  wax on, wax off…. on three…