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Playing for a third team would water down Peyton Manning’s legacy

Just about everyone else has chimed in regarding Peyton Manning’s future during Super Bowl week.

Now, his father and brother have weighed in.

According to the New York Post via NFL.com, Eli Manning said Friday it would be “tough” for his older brother to switch teams for the second time in his career.

This comes a day after Archie Manning said that Peyton realizes this is probably his last year with the Broncos even if he does play in 2016.

Peyton Manning had to take a pay cut this year and carries a cap number of $21.5 million next year.

There are a couple of reasons why Eli Manning is right in saying that it would be “tough” for his brother to switch teams.

From a legacy standpoint, Manning can have something in common with Joe Montana if he avoids playing for a third team. Even if the Broncos lose Super Bowl 50 and Manning ends up with one Super Bowl ring to Montana’s four, Manning at least will have had a somewhat successful second act in Denver in the same way that Montana finished his career with two playoff wins in Kansas City.


If Manning, who turns 40 in March, plays for a third team and his skills diminish further, it would be reminiscent of Joe Namath’s four-game stint with the Rams in 1977. Who remembers Namath in a Rams uniform?

If Manning wears a third uniform next year, he would go out as a journeyman. Instead, he has a chance to equal his brother with two Super Bowl rings or at least go out with another Super Bowl appearance on his Hall of Fame resumé.

Win or lose, Super Bowl 50 should be Peyton Manning’s last game.