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VIDEO: Rams punter delivered cheap shot to the Ravens, too

St. Louis Rams punter Johnny Hekker has no chill, and if he doesn’t clean up his act, someone’s going to put him on his ass. Frankly, Hekker is lucky that it wasn’t Cliff Avril or Michael Bennett, who nearly destroyed him after Hekker shoved Avril in the back and knocked him down. When he was confronted, though, he ducked away from the two Seahawks in cowardly fashion.

Apparently, it’s not the only time Hekker has done that, though. The Ravens recently tweeted out a video which shows Hekker doing the same thing to defensive back Will Hill.


Football is a physical game, but cheap shots are bush league. Hekker has now gotten away with this twice that we know of, which likely means if he tries it again, he’s going to wind up on his backside. And whoever did it to him would certainly be in the right.