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Announcing… our Ultimate 1-on-1 Champion

Bird winner
We started with a loaded field of 24, which featured some of the best Celtics ever to wear the Green.  We boiled it down the two best scoring threats in C's history, Larry Bird and Paul Pierce.  And while Pierce actually stormed out to an early lead, the sheer will of Larry Bird (and the people voting for him) was too much.  In the end, it was Larry Bird taking it 60% to 40%… which seems about right if these two guys squared off.  It's close, but not necessarily a nail-biter. 

Still, though, I'd do anything to see these guys match up in their primes.  What a hell of a 1-on-1 game that would be. 

Congrats to LB for winning it all.  And thanks to all of you who voted.  We got thousands of votes throughout the tournament, and we hope it helped entertain you as we muddle through the lockout.  Hopefully both sides were just waiting for us to finish the tournament before striking a deal, and we can get to some real basketball soon.