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Apparent premature report puts Hayward signing in limbo

So… a funny thing happened on the way to the Gordon Hayward signing

So here’s my GUESS…

Someone tipped off Chris Haynes at ESPN. A few national and local guys went to their respective sources and those sources indeed confirmed Hayward’s intentions.

However… Woj’s tweet is accurate… he’s reporting that no one told the Jazz what was happening. Word got out before Hayward could do this how he wanted.

I don’t doubt that Hayward’s decision was made. I don’t doubt that the leaking of said decision has pissed him off. Who leaked it? Who knows. Someone gave Haynes the heads up… and he’s been doing this long enough that he knows when to go with the story.

Hayward probably made his decision and wanted to call his team personally… and then this broke. Now he appears to be scrambling. There’s a problem, though…

The cat’s out of the bag… the toothpaste is out of the tube… other appropriate cliché.

Unless this whole fiasco has legitimately changed Hayward’s mind, then he’s got to make the phone call and own it.