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Bill Russell’s mom made him fight people

It's apparently throwback day here on Red's Army.  

Next up Bill Russell, who sat down for an hour long special on the Golf Channel to regale us with story after story.  They're all awesome, and they range from playing days, to the civil rights movement, to his life as a child.  In this excerpt, Russ talks about his mom making him fight a bunch of guys as a kid.


There are a number of clips from the show available on the Golf Channel's site, including why he found his Hall of Fame induction to be insulting, his favorite Red Auerbach story, and why he declined an offer to stand next to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the "I Have a Dream" speech. 

I swear, I could listen to this man tell stories all day long.  I'm not sure I'd even blink as he spoke.