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Blatant speculation: Jermaine O’Neal for Rudy Fernandez, Corey Brewer

Mark Cuban is reportedly trying to shed some salaries from the Mavs roster. Two names that popped up on Twitter this morning – Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer.

It didn't take long for the ingenious Paul Flannery to speculate about a potential deal involving the Celtics and Jermaine O'Neal.

Rudy and Brewer are two guys that have repeatedly popped up on Danny Ainge's wish list. New Orleans was going to ship JO to Dallas as part of the David West deal. But that blew up once Dallas acquired Lamar Odom. While acquiring JO wouldn't qualify as a salary dump, Dallas still needs a big man to back-up Brendan Haywood.

I wouldn't mind seeing Fernandez and Brewer as back-up wings on the Celtics. But the prospect of removing Jermaine O'Neal from an already thin front court is frightening.