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Recap: Celtics make Blazers tap out in the 2nd quarter


Holy crap. I cannot remember the last time I witnessed the Celtics pummel an opponent like they did tonight.

This was more about Portland being awful then the Celtics dominating. The Blazers were flat-footed and disinterested. Credit the Celtics for smelling blood early and not letting up until late in the 4th.

The halftime stats are hilarious.

Score: Boston 65 – Portland 30

Turnovers: Portland 17 – Boston 3

Steals: Boston 11 – Portland 1

The lead peaked at 43 points (81-38) midway through the 3rd quarter. I was openly rooting for it to reach 50. The final was 104-86. Boo.

KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen shot 20-for-30 and combined for 54 points. As you would expect in a massive blowout, all three sat the entire 4th quarter. 

Sasha Pavlovic had 10 points and 2 steals. He was a key contributor in the Celtics 38-13 2nd quarter blitz. Yup, Sasha Pavlovic and key contributor in the same sentence. Remember this night.

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