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People already camped out for Ray’s kicks

Folks are already camped-out for the Ray Allen Air Jordan XIII's. Niketown Boston had to scrap their plan of handing-out wristbands on Thursday. Due to what they called "safety concerns", Niketown had to cave and hand-out the bands today to those who showed-up. Apparently, folks from as far as Floirda had already arrived on Monday, and the line was getting just too long.. By Thursday, it would've been pandemonium. I met 4 young guys today that are making sure they get a pair of Ray's XIII's. It also appears by the extra chairs in the picture that a few more are camped-out also.

I ran into these 4 Bostonians outside of XSquared-a sneaker boutique right across the street from Niketown. These dedicated young sneakerheads had already been there for 24 hours, and will stay there until Saturday's release. I apologize that the audio quality on the video is awful, but basically, a love of Ray Allen, an obvious love of Air Jordans, and a chance to make some money via resale are what brought these guys to XSquared. Q, Rashad, Noman and Mike, who has his own clothing line, have 3 more days in the hot sun before they get their hands on the prized Ray Allen Air Jordan XIII's. Now that's dedication!

For those interested in copping their own pair of the shoes, House of Hoops Boston, Concepts and a couple of the Footaction stores in the Boston-area will also have them. So get on your phone or computer and find-out the details, because these kicks are in high-demand!