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Cancel the East playoffs, media says the Cavs are back!

You’ll find a few disclaimers sprinkled among those columns/clips but the general consensus is… the Cavaliers are BACK!

You’d think, after watching the Cleveland’s roller-coaster of a season, media folk might pump the brakes on crowning them Eastern Conference champs after one game with a new batch of role players.


Here’s the Cavaliers season in four parts:

LeBron is playing the best basketball of his career and the Cavaliers are a lock for the Finals.

Late January
Do not count out the struggling Cavaliers. They’ll flip the switch in the playoffs.

Early February
A major shake-up is required to save the season.

LeBron is rejuvenated and all the new guys fit perfectly. In fact, Jordan Clarkson pisses liquid gold.

Any guesses to what we’ll be reading about in mid-March?

PS: I’ll be the first to admit that watching LeBron laugh it up with his new teammates on the Garden floor really burned my ass.