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Clifford Ray’s amazing dolphin tale


Ray reached into the second stomach of the dolphin, which was not sedated. Look closely — it's his right arm going into the dolphin's mouth, while two men hold the animal's jaws open. A veterinarian from Los Angeles was on an intercom, giving Ray instructions. Ray later told the Chicago Tribune this about the dolphin: "They are a very smart animal and I think he realized he was in trouble. He was pretty much cooperative through the whole thing." The extraction took less than three minutes.

Except for George Costanza removing a Titleist from the blowhole of a beached whale, you won't find a better aquatic tale.

(Former Celtics assistant coach) Clifford Ray was tapped for the job because of his 45-inch reach. While I would have hid in the corner politely deferred, Ray had his entire arm lubbed up and inserted it into the dolphin's stomach and removed a sharp bolt.


To those readers with sharp memories, yes, we did a post on this story last year. But it did not have all the spectacular details and photos.

(h/t to loyal reader, Peter for the tip)