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Colangelo blinked, and what’s next?

So, Colangelo threw in the towel.

Note that the deal’s terms are better than both of the leaked Sixers’ offers from yesterday and earlier today (yesterday it was a first round pick and a ‘package’, today it was the Lakers’ first rounder and the Sixers’ 2021 first rounder).

That means Ainge basically got what he wanted out of this deal.

The only question is whether there’s another shoe about to drop.

Boston and Philly will be finalizing this trade on Monday, not on the day of the draft. That means that they either don’t really care who they’re getting at the #3 spot, or–as most of the NBA seems to think–they’ve got another deal lined up.

My suspicion is that Boston’s counter offer to Philly came with a deadline, and if that was the case, then Colangelo’s media leaks were all about trying to talk down that Boston offer before the deadline hit.

But, as it turns out, Philly’s the one that caved, and now Boston is getting the pick that Philly got wayyyyy back when they facilitated the Steve Nash trade. They’re also getting the Sacramento pick from a couple years back, and Philly stands to hit 2019 with no first round picks at all–Trust the Process, indeed.