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David Fizdale goes on epic anti-ref rant

Let’s get this out of the way. Memphis coach David Fizdale will be making a sizable donation to charity via a hefty fine from the NBA after this one.

The Grizzlies got smoked again by the San Antonio Spurs… in part because Kawhi Leonard was perfect in his 19 trips to the line en route to a 37 point gem of a performance.

The 19 free throw attempts were four more than the entire Memphis squad. That triggered an epic post-game rant that would have made Tommy Heinsohnn proud… complete with two new catchphrases.

The Grizzlies, quick to seize on the opportunity, have already seized on the marketing opportunity.

They’re nothing if not opportunistic.

Kudos to the Coach Fiz for at least getting his money’s worth. If you’re gonna drop $20,000 on a complaint about the refs, you might as well go all in. They’re not going to rook him.